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Custom made to measure furniture - Denumu

Custom furnitures

Like Denumu was founded as a need for a more slow living life, all my objects have a “slow design”. These days we are often wondering about a slower minimalistic lifestyle where we can escape our busy lives for a moment and enjoy the little things outdoors. With Denumu, I try to create unique objects that bring nature into your home and give you a moment of “slow living”, every day.

Whether it’s in your living room, kitchen, bed-or bathroom or outdoor space, each Denumu object is not only made to fit your needs but also to enjoy it on a daily basis. 

Each furniture or object is handcrafted, unique, customisable, made from high-quality solid wood, eco-friendly.


Lookbook custom made objects & furniture

Together we creat your unique piece!

All furniture and objects are made of solid wood.

Although I only have iroko, beech wood and pine wood on stock (due to the limited space in my workshop),
other types of solid wood can be ordered on request.  

Each piece has a story

Old and modern gets blended

With each object or furniture, I try to combine modern simple designs with old-fashion craftsmanship. Or do you have already a design in mind? Not a problem.

By looking at the variations in grain, natural “blemishes” and knots in the wood I try to share the story of each piece of wood that I work with.

The conditions in which a tree has grown, form its unique character which I try to reflect in each object that I make. 

high quality

Which material?

Iroko is a high-quality type of wood with colouration from yellow to darker copper brown. It resists the humidity and high fluctuation in temperature that we have in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture.

Beech on the other hand is a hard and strong type of wood that is odourless which makes it perfect for kitchenware. Due to its ability to easily absorb moisture, I prefer not to use it for furniture used in humid spaces. 


What My Clients Have To Say​

My clients are our best marketing and ambassadors.

"We had complete confidence in the execution of the design. It fitted in perfectly with the architecture and perfectly integrated other existing furniture into the unit. We use the table a lot and it has a lovely texture - we are delighted!"
María & Enrique
"Denumu's work in a small space is a real eye-catcher. A touch of natural material in simple form with an eye for detail and finish. Furniture designed on the spot and adapted to the interior gives a very personal effect. Denumu in short: wood that raises your interior to design level".
Goele A.
"As a builder I would like to highlight three things. Firstly, how easily Denumu was able to adapt to the project and the conditions on site. Her deep knowledge of the materials, especially that natural is always good; dyes, varnishes, waxes, etc. And finally the great price she gave us. 100% recommendable for the quality of her work."



Do you want to see and feel my artisanal objects or furniture?

Supporting the planet

I try to be as zero-waste as possible

I know how limited our resources are, for that reason I try to be as zero-waste as possible, being responsible during the production, reuse and recovery of all products.

Keep reusing

Leftovers from the furniture are transformed into smaller unique objects

Happy donkeys

The woodchips go to my parents donkey-stable


Scraps of wood that cannot be used or transformed into other objects go into my wood fireplace.


Gracias para visitar mí pagina web! Si tienes una pregunta para mi, no dudas en contactarme.

Un saludo