Story of Denumu

My own small business, called Denumu.

Which comes from “DEscubrir un NUevo MUndo”,
meaning “discover a new world” in Spanish.


I make what I love

Denumu was founded by Nele Coeck in 2016.

“Educated as a biomedical scientist, I always had a passion for interior design and craftsmanship but my hectic life as a doctoral student in Tropical diseases didn’t allow me to really do something with it.

In 2015, the urgent need for a slower life encouraged me to follow furniture making classes and ceramic courses. Working with wood and clay relaxed my mind and always resulted in a welcome break from all the stress. 

On the other hand, during my holidays, I discovered the beautiful way of living in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche (a national park in southweast Spain), and more precisely in the village of Cortelazor. It was there that I decided to make a huge life shift: quitting my job as a scientist and moving from a Belgian city to the Spanish countryside to be an artisan. 

And so began the story of my own small business, called Denumu….


Denumu comes from “descubrir un nuevo mundo”, meaning “discover a new world” in Spanish

that’s what Denumu is all about.”


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